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What is the

Love House Collective?

It's all about the vibe - Dancing smilling faces and fantastic House music. We are a group of like-minded House music loving friends, who are very passionate about creating a shared happy party experience. Come and join us!

The Love House Residents

John Weatherley
Jake Duval
Paul King
Nature Boy

Meet your hostess on the door

The fabulous

Stephanie Starlet

Legendary international hostess Stephanie Starlet has a CV like no other. The face of Brightons famed Pussycat club, Honeyclub, 7 sins, Brighton Pride Main Stage host, London Pride in the Park, World Prides, The Brit Awards official parties, Fashion Weeks model events.

She has an Acting and musical background, from her Hollyoaks role as the Loft Club DJ to the Tucked movies ‘Molly’ Her pedigrees platinum. A hot blonde with a big legal brain. Stephanie is bringing the B Love.


New Year Party

@ Shortts

Saturday31st December

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